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Working Together

How much easier would it be to work with other ‘Mums in Marketing’ who understand flexibility? Come and share vacancies and let’s make that vision happen.

Training Together

Why train with anyone else? We have Marketing and Confidence Masterclasses with learnings you can implement straight away . Delivered by industry MiM’s and trained coaches – who you will probably get to know personally.

Connect and Collaborate

The possibilities are endless – by coming together we can create our very own ‘MiMs Economy’ because we are the talent AND the buyers. With our MiMs ethos of having each other’s back, we know this is where the magic happens.

A member of MiMS

By coming together, we make marketing easier.

Mums in Marketing are drawn together not just because of our passion for marketing, but because we are mothers. That combination is something incredibly powerful.

We absolutely believe we can create change, and do marketing in a way that works for us. Because we ‘get it’.

Marketing moves at such a pace, that it’s impossible to know all of it, but as a ‘MiM’ you will be able to connect with someone who can help. Someone who will have your back. Someone who truly understands.

We are a community built from every part of the marketing spectrum. We share our skills to save you time and we build confidence so you can be YOU.

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From the blog

“MiMs is a community where I feel comfortable sharing my wins, asking for help or just having a good rant. I can be myself with no fear of being judged.”

Esi Baisie | Digital Marketer

“MiMs is a fantastic group of talented women who are open to sharing ideas, collaborating and really importantly, asking for help when they’re not sure of the answer but know a MiM will!”

Elisabeth Oakley | PR & Communications Consultant

“You will not find a more open, supportive, experienced and entertaining community on the internet, fact!”

Fiona Bosman | Director of Brand and Marketing

“The MIM community is so wonderfully supportive, refreshingly friendly and fun, yet offers members the ability to glean real time insights and advice into the complex world of marketing today.”

Diane Sullivan-Kaplan | Brand and Marketing Director