MIMs are Official Community Partner to the Digital Marketing World Forum

MIMs are Official Community Partner to the Digital Marketing World Forum

We’re unbelievably proud and delighted to reveal that Mums in Marketing is the OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PARTNER of the Digital Marketing World Forum 2024.

About Digital Marketing World Forum Global

With followers of over one million senior marketers worldwide, Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF) explores the future of digital marketing technologies and is one of THE definitive events for marketing professionals.

DMWF has a 14-year history of bringing together the worldwide marketing community. The DMWF Conference & Expo World Series provides top-level strategic content and digital marketing insight around how to engage customers, manage brand perceptions and open untapped audiences through diverse media channels. 

It’s the place to be for brilliant marketing professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve,  Mums in Marketing is delighted to be at the heart of it. 

Raising the profile of Mums in Marketing

As the ‘Official Community Partner’ at DMWF 2024 at Olympia National, London on 25 and 26 June 2024,  we are able to extend some incredible opportunities to ‘Mums In Marketing’ and all of our marketing family If you are in our community, you have an exclusive opportunity to attend the event, not only do you get to attend the event, with over 300 speakers, 250 exhibitors and 10 conference tracks, DMWF 2024 will cover the latest trends and innovations in AI, Data, CRM, Email, Automation, Digital Transformation, Content, Analytics, SEO, Affiliates, Social Media, Community, eCommerce, Omni-channel, Video, Communications, CX, and more.

Our with our dedicated Mums in Marketing lounge, will be open to can meet other MiMs in person, find out more about MiM Membership or simply recharge your batteries in a safe, welcoming space. 

Invitation: The perfect place to chat to talented marketers

We would love to invite all DMWF Global attendees to stop by and see us for a chat. 

Our ‘lounge’ will be the perfect place to connect with incredibly talented marketers, who have a range of skills and experience across marketing and the creative industries.

The power of community

To see what our award-winning community has achieved so far is incredible. By coming together, we’ve created something beyond words. We asked our community what the impact of Mums in Marketing was for them and the answers blew us away, from stories of salary increases, self employed work referred and shared, employed roles gained through posts in our community and the importance of being together. 

Working with DMWF Global, who do incredible work to bring our industry together, as their official community partner underlines the power of community and how important it is to belong.

Get involved

If you’re reading this wondering how you become part of our community, that’s proudly changing the marketing landscape  simply drop us a line. 

We are so excited about this collaboration, it’s a testament to the power of Mums in Marketing, and the impact we’re already having in the industry.

Thank you for being part of it and we look forward to seeing you at DMWF Global 2024!