I set up my PR and marketing consultancy 19 years ago when pregnant with twins.

Each month, we meet one of our MiMs Membership ‘MiMbers’. Introducing Jocelyn Senior.

At the time, it raised a few eyebrows, some thought I was brave, others thought I was a bit crazy, but I wanted to do work that I loved, alongside being a mum. I was lucky to have my husband, a chartered accountant who had left a large firm to set up a practice, cheering me on and taking on the administrative burden, and I also had a couple of contacts who were happy to give me a chance as clients.

I am proof that it IS possible, successfully.

Prior to starting my own business, I worked in communications/marketing and PR in-house for large organisations before redundancy. As a consultant with my own limited company I have worked with wonderful clients specialising in architecture, property, design, branding and market research. The UK is an amazing leader in these fields and genuinely I LOVE it. I am the person who stops in the middle of the street to look at buildings, goes to as many exhibitions as possible and is always following property transformations on television and social media.

The clients have been everything from start-ups to global leaders. I’m very proud of how I’ve contributed to helping these businesses grow and build their reputations and that with many, I’ve worked with them over a number of years.

My fabulous son and daughter are now 18 and make me proud every day. In fact, they are almost the age I was, when I first arrived in the UK from my native America to study British history and art. After a brief time back in the US, I came back here for good and now I am a dual citizen.

If I am driving to do a collection from college or on the train to do a meeting, or if I am not working and enjoying a walk with our superstar- rescue dog, a Chihuahua/Terrier cross, you are likely to find me listening to Radio X

As I bring my story to a close, I wanted to share my experience of MiMs Membership.

I have been a member of other professional organisations, some of which are specifically for women. In terms of networking, sharing and providing support, MiMs seems to be special. I love the way that it’s possible to get advice and encouragement from such a great group of women on anything from something personal, relating to parenting to nitty-gritty aspects of marketing. I feel as if this is a terrific forum for learning and trying to keep up with latest developments in our field – something that especially interests me, being self-employed.

Please do come and connect with me here

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jocelyn-senior-7371b73/