I once stood on a plinth in Trafalgar square, in the middle of the night, in the name of art.

Each month, we meet one of our MiMs Membership ‘MiMbers’. Introducing Amanda Snowdon.

Yep, it’s true – and it was all totally above board. I took part in Anthony Gormley’s “One and Other” art project in 2009. I stood on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square, on my own, for an hour in the middle of the night with mostly drunk people for company down below.

As a ‘Mum In Marketing’ I have a little less time for standing still for an hour now (understatement). I’m the Communications & Marketing Manager for Abbey Multi Academy Trust, and have two brilliant boys, who are 8 and 3, and one equally brilliant husband! (although I am always outnumbered, I like to think I am always the Queen!)

I am only about 4 months into my current role, and I feel like I have found ‘my place’.

The last few years have been mixed, juggling covid home schooling, and realising that whilst working from home is great for flexibility – as a chatty marketing and comms manager, I get really bored of my own company 5 days a week!

When I saw this role advertised and just knew it was perfect for me – I’m in an organisation that aligns with my values, part of a central team where everyone works collaboratively and is valued, working with schools that actively make a difference to the lives of their students. I can see career progression and development in this role, I feel confident and am trusted to make decisions and deliver what the Trust needs, not what individuals want. The senior leadership team seem to be really pleased with how quick I’ve settled in and am cracking on – that I just “get it”. It feels great!

When I am not at work, I can be found entertaining a group of 24 six- to eight-year-olds.

Nope, I am not a children’s entertainer 🙂 I am a Beaver Scout Leader – I’ve been involved with Guiding and Scouting all my life, and I absolutely love it

When I came across ‘Mums In Marketing’ in June 2021, it could not have been better timing.

I was two months into a new role and was beginning to question if it was the right role for me. It had all the potential, but imposter syndrome was creeping in. When ‘MiM’s Membership’ was launched, all of a sudden I wasn’t alone. There were loads of people like me, doing the work/life/motherhood juggle. But also self-employed MiMbers – to offer work advice from their specialisms (and I’ve now worked with a few). All together an instant sounding board of advice, guidance, support and the best cheerleaders on this planet. Oh and just that small thing of the resources section on the website that is invaluable to a generalist marketer like me!

Although my plinth project days are over, I am still sharing plenty of news on LinkedIn

It would be lovely to connect 🙂

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amanda-snowdon-96273a17/