At the end of my first month, I had to sell my kitchen dresser to make ends meet

Each month, we meet one of our MiMs Membership ‘MiMbers’. Introducing Annabel Carrington.

I started Carington Creative in August 2021. I’d been working freelance in academic publishing for about 6 years but had been feeling for a while there was nowhere else for me to go with it. Then my work took a hit during lockdown and I used up my contingency fund to plug the gaps. It was time to act! I did think about getting a job (and actually applied for and got one) but it felt wrong and I started Carington Creative that same week. It was the right decision. As a single mother with a teenage daughter (and lockdown having swallowed my contingency) taking the job would definitely have been the sensible thing to do. However, I had a vision in my head and wanted to build it! At the end of my first month, I had to sell my kitchen dresser to make ends meet. At the end of my second month, the business paid all my bills and it’s been doing so ever since. I know what my vision is for this and I’m working towards it every single day.  

I can honestly and without exaggeration say that joining MiMs has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. It’s such a vibrant and supportive community filled with interesting and knowledgeable women who truly want to help each other rise. You just can’t beat that and I love it!

I have a 19-year-old daughter who is in her second year of university in London. She is the person I admire most in the world; she’s just an AMAZING human. She also has fantastic music taste and recently reminded me about Portishead. I listen to music a lot and have very broad tastes so on any given day I could be listening to anything from Depeche Mode to Leonard Cohen to all kinds of jazz or opera. Recently I’ve been listening a lot to Kosheen and Dead Can Dance. In other “about me” news, I’m pretty desperate to learn falconry and would love any tips on that.. đź™‚  …  

Claire asked me to share what a client has said about me, which means I now get to introduce Luke Walwyn, Luke Walwyn Studio, Leeds

“Annabel really understood the power of brand positioning. She was able to eloquently put into words my bespoke offering, the tone of voice for my brand and most importantly, my passion for what I do. I couldn’t ask for more.”

To chat to me about the time I slept on a hotel roof in Istanbul (now that is a story) or transforming your content and YOU being my NEXT featured client… then please do get in touch.