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Not enough time to keep up with marketing and being a mum?

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“I used to feel like I was the only one who struggled to keep up with marketing changes and be a mum. The information, expectation and conflicting opinions for both, is overwhelming.

MiM’s Membership is like 'pressing pause’. You lose that stress-feeling of trying to juggle all the things. I choose what I want to access, and then put it to use straight away. The time I save is worth its weight in gold!

The biggie for me personally, is no more ‘imposter syndrome’ or low confidence. I don’t have to be everything to everybody anymore so I’m more confident. I even work with other ‘MiM’s from our network now - it’s the icing on the cake!"

Emma / Strategic Marketing and Sales

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Save time with everything you need in ONE place. No more hours wasted searching ‘how to’ Get access to marketing masterclasses , templates, guides, and an army of MiM’s who come together to tackle your challenges.

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Be first to know about family-friendly jobs and freelance opportunities , working with other MiM’s. Strengthen your network through relaxed and friendly sessions with other members.

Boost your confidence

Knock imposter syndrome on the head with your new-found knowledge and coaching from professionals. We will support you being YOU.Come as you are - because we have got your back.

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